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Student & Career Services

  • Class Enrollment

  • Paying tuition

  • Academic counseling 

  • Responding to grievances and handling disciplinary procedures

  • Certifying students to graduate

  • Career services and placement

Students and Teacher in Classroom

MVA is dedicated to assisting students with learning the necessary skills to obtain employment after graduation by offering cover letter creation, resume development, and interviewing tips. MVA also maintains a Job Board with employment opportunities relevant to the veterinary assistant program and attainable for students who graduate with the skill level learned at MVA. MVA does not guarantee employment.  Students may reach out to the Student and Career Services Coordinator for assistance.


MVA makes student services available to assist students while completing their training. During new student orientation, students will become acquainted with the range of services available to MVA students including academic advising, disability services, books, and more. The Student and Career Services Coordinator is familiar with the issues facing students and is a source of assistance as students complete their program.

All detailed student policies & procedures are located in our school catalog.

Please contact Maribeth Flowers with any questions!

The Student & Career Services Office is headed up by Maribeth Flowers, Student and Career Services Coordinator. This office is here to assist students with all of the following needs:

Our School Catalog

Detailed academic information, program and course descriptions, financial information, student policies and more can be reviewed in our school catalog. Download it now for more information.

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