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Student Tuition

The registration fee is due with the enrollment agreement prior to the start of class. Prior to admission into a program, students are required to review and sign an Enrollment Agreement. All tenets of this agreement must be adhered to; otherwise, a student will not be permitted to continue with the program, unless agreed upon in writing by the Campus Director.

Additional costs such as student health screenings and immunizations, background checks, externship requirements, textbooks, and other financial obligations not specified in the School Catalog or Enrollment Agreement are the responsibility of the student. Payments can be mailed or delivered in person to Metropolitan Veterinary Academy. 

Payment Methods:  

✓ TFC Tuition Payments (see below)

✓ Cashier Check Payment are acceptable (No Personal Checks Accepted)

✓ VISA, MasterCard, Discover PayPal Express Payment 

All detailed tuition policies & procedures are located in our school catalog, including our refund policy, late payment penalties, and student accounts. Please contact Maribeth Flowers with any questions!



Registration Fee: $50

Tuition Fee: $950*

Total Program Fees: $950*

*Books are not included in the tuition fee and the total program fee. The estimated cost of textbooks is ~$970 for the program; students may purchase these books from the vendor of their choice.

Credit Card

Online Tuition Payments


Metropolitan Veterinary Academy offers private student tuition financing via TFC Tuition. TFC has been a leader in the student financing industry for over 50 years, and its mission is to empower schools to help every one of their students succeed.

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